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Here’s to good times and great friends.

We think whiskey should be fun. That’s why we craft Red Eye Moonshine to be delicious and versatile. It’s good for both drinking straight and serving as the perfect mixer so you can unleash your creative side.

Whether it’s long summer nights spent with friends or warm winter weekends curled up by the fire, with five tried-and-tested flavors to choose from, you can enjoy Red Eye Moonshine all year round.

Red Eye Moonshine: The taste of Southern Illinois in every bottle.


Here’s how we make our moonshine.

We start with 100% local ingredients.

Carbondale, Illinois, where our distillery is located, is nationally recognized for its top-ranked water. And around here, we grow and use NON-GMO corn so that we’re producing only the finest spirits – the same way it would have been done 200 years ago.

We craft our small-batch whiskies using a 200-year old process.

We ferment and distill the raw ingredients for our spirits inside our 60-gallon copper pot still, Patty. The complex traditional distilling process unlocks the full potential of the ingredients that go into it.

We blend old tradition with modern favorites.

We take the pure spirits we distill with our traditional ingredients and method, then shake them up to create some seriously delicious concoctions that make great mixers themselves. From cherry to lemonade to apple pie to red hot spicy cinnamon, we’re always experimenting to create delicious new flavors.

Red Eye Moonshine: Here’s to the good times.

People love our moonshine. And we love making it. So this weekend, kick back and mix yourself a glass of Southern Illinois. Or drink it straight. Trust us – it’s that good.

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